Erotic Game Now Detecting Shapes (Oh Dear)

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Teatime, developer of adult Love Death series, is bringing Tech48's face tracking camera tech to Love Death 4. What's more, the game will detect shapes.


This cannot end well.

It's not yet known how this shape recognition tech will be employed in the game, but the pictured example seems to indicate that you-know-what will play an important part. (It always does!)

Just think if these wizards used their power for good. Cure for cancer, the ability to microwave metal and in-game boner recognition. Oh wait.

lovedeath4 [Teatime via Canned Dogs]


Dude, I think this is the most noble of causes, everyone is relaxed after climaxing. If they can spread that I just got done climaxing feeling through the world. It's better than a cure for cancer, it'd end world conflicts in a snap.

So here's to you Hentai Game makers. "REAL MEN OF GENIUS!!!!!"