Erotic Game Is DS Bound (Really? Really!)

Japanese erotic game maker Navel has announced that its 18 years-old-and-up computer visual novel Really? Really! will get a (Nintendo DS version next year, complete with touch pen interface and minus the more objectional content. Really? Really! The game follows the characters of another Navel erotic game, Shuffle!, as one of the characters loses her memory, which the player must restore. Originally released in 2006, the game features an Ace Attorney parody. That, and saucy stuff. Pretty sure the DS version will be a toned down affair. Hit the jump for the full version of the above pic. Might be NSFW.

TAKE THAT! Below is the Ace Attorney parody.

お馴染みの『Really? Really!』がなんと『Nintendo DS』で登場!! [Navel]

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