No, Thank You!!! not only has the best name for an ero game aimed at females ever, it also has a unique feature: An "On/Off" choice for arm hair during sexy "event scenes".

So, if a lady player likes macho Maki, but hates his hairy arms, she can select a smooth armed version of the brawny hunk. No thank you, indeed.

Sorry, gals! The On/Off switch doesn't work for facial hair.

In Japan, there are X-rated games and comics aimed at female (and well, some male) players, just as there are X-rated games and comics aimed directly at males (and well, some females).

Boys Love game No, Thank You!!! goes on sale for Windows sometime this year.

BLゲーム「NO,THANK YOU!!!」に「体毛のON・OFF」機能 [New Akiba]