Ernie Hudson's doing the promotional tour thing for the upcoming multi-platform Ghostbusters game. And that means that we all get a chance to ask him incessantly geeky questions about the Ghostbusters films and learn things we never knew. Things like:

He also accepts the fact he'll always be remembered as the fourth Ghostbuster, although he had a much bigger part in the original script. "I was the guy who got slimed in the hotel, but I guess the studio felt they wanted more stuff for Bill Murray," Hudson reveals. "I was the guy who thought of the marshmallow man on the rooftop, but then it became Danny [Aykroyd]'s character." It was only after he won the part of Winston that the decision was made to reduce the character's role. "And they didn't do that till the day before we started shooting, so I didn't have time to adjust," Hudson says. "Yeah, when the part was cut there was some frustrating stuff associated with that. But it was what it was, and it is what it is. 24 years later, people still like the movie, and I'm glad."


Other tidbit bits include Bill Murray's reluctance to sign-off on a Ghostbuster sequel that would pass the proton packs off to some younger dudes.

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