Why did Telltale Games send me erasers and an iPod Touch today? I'm sure one of the reasons was to tease their next game.

The 8GB iPod Touch (which Kotaku will be giving away to charity) contains some images and video, all meant to tease Scoggins Erasers, which appears to be the next project from the adventure game makers at Telltale. Their previous games have included the revival of the Sam & Max series, adventure games starring Wallace & Gromit and the Tales of Monkey Island.


So what clues lurk in this iPod?

A video called "The Hidden People" by acclaimed Grickle cartoonist Graham Annable:

The iPod also included digital versions of these real Hidden People prints illustrated by Annable:

And it had a note, just for me that points to more information coming soon.

But what of the erasers packed with the iPod?


They zero any speculation about this package to Telltale's own website and current hype page for something called "Scoggins Erasers." The page includes art that appears to have been drawn by Annable.

The Telltale site indicates that we'll know more about Scoggins Erasers by May 4. Carry on with your guesswork. We should be better informed about the game by then.

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