Epic STILL Not Interested In Making Wii Games

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Lots of people have the Nintendo Wii. For example, I have a Nintendo Wii and, yes, maybe you do too! With such a high install base, making Wii games would seem like a valuable part of any developer's arsenal. Not Epic's, no sir-ey. The developer has stated in the past that it has no intentions of making Wii games, and Epic honcho Mark Rein still is sticking with his nothanks.jpg for Wii development:

No we don't have any plans to make something for the Wii. That's like asking a sculptor when he's going to start painting. That's just not our medium. That's not our area of expertise - our area of expertise is the more high-end consoles and things that push technology higher. That's what we do - there's a lot more water in that well for us, when that runs dry then maybe we'd have to think of doing something else but I don't think that well is going to run dry anytime soon.


What, no Gears of War party games? Epic, you guys are just turning your backs on heaps of money. Elsewhere in that same interview, Rein says using the stereoscopic 3D Ubisoft is exploring with James Cameron's Avatar is "dumb" - even though Unreal has been able to run stereoscopic 3D "for a long time." The reason being is that it costs so much to buy a stereoscopic monitor. Guess that would make it "expensive" and not "dumb", then...

Using 3D technology is "dumb", says Rein [Games Industry] [Pic]

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Well Wii market is already huge, Capcom has made a lot of money there with Resident Evils, Zack & Wiki (which eventually turned out to be successful, and Activision's Guitar Hero 3 for Wii was a great success despite the fact that it had only mono sound.

There are almost 30 million Wii owners already, saying that there are no money to be made in that market is stupid. Great and well marketed games will always sell, doesn't matter what the platform is.

Then again I'm not sure if Epic has what it takes to make an excellent Wii game, unless of course they make it flashiest Wii game around and use it as selling point.