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Epic Mickey 2 Rumors Likely to Become Facts This Month

Illustration for article titled emEpic Mickey 2/em Rumors Likely to Become Facts This Month

Disney fans have been waiting for news regarding still-rumored title Epic Mickey 2 since news first slipped around the first of the year.


At that time, a Disney newsletter was sent out — and then immediately edited — that initially leaked information about the still-unannounced game. The newsletter claimed that Epic Mickey 2 would be availlable for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Further rumors indicated a fall 2012 release.


Sharp-eyed posters at NeoGAF have just added fuel to the fire of speculation, directing attention to a blurb from French site Nintendo Master. Their post, roughly translated, says:

Like many other sites, we have just received an invitation from Disney France and Warren Spector to introduce us on March 27 to a new "epic project." It's not hard to make the connection between this wording and the name of a certain gentleman's game, Epic Mickey.

Wii exclusive Epic Mickey, released in 2010, was generally considered a mixed but ambitious experience. Perhaps a second pass will bring the Disney icon the truly epic experience players crave.


Warren Spector dévoilera un projet "épique" le 27 mars [Nintendo Mater, via NeoGAF]

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Paradox me

I really thought the game's shortcomings were blown out of proportion. The camera was a little wonky at times but not often enough to ruin the game for me. The platforming wasn't too bad and the classic Disney stuff was really cool.

It's actually one of my favorite games this generation. Can't wait to see what its sequel can do.