Illustration for article titled Epic Hitting Upper Limit Of Xbox Capabilities, Says Fergusson

Rod Fergusson from Epic thinks that his company is close to squeezing the last few drops of graphical performance from the Xbox 360. With any console, it takes developers a while to learn how the thing really ticks so they can start exploiting its potential in ways even the designers may not have envisaged. Now that the 360 has been around for a couple of years, Fergusson thinks that Epic may be reaching the limits of that potential, but that consumers will still see improvements through to 2010. "I'm not the technical guy," The Gears 2 producer told Gamasutra, "all I know is that with the two to three more years of optimization that we've had, we're much further along than I think, three years ago, we thought we were going to get." He may be right — and Epic certainly know a thing or two about good-looking Xbox games — but you only have to look at the PS2 to see how a console can live some way beyond people's expectations. Epic's Fergusson: Xbox 360 'Approaching Upper End' Of Visual Potential [Gamasutra]

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