Epic Games Says Fortnite's New Breast Physics Were 'Unintended, Embarrassing, Careless'

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Screenshot: Epic Games (Fortnite )

Fortnite players noticed something unusual about the new Calamity skin in the season six update: her breasts have an undeniable jiggle when she performs the “Jubilation” emote. According to Epic, that was unintentional and a fix is on the way.


The Calamity cowgirl skin is one of the two main new character skins in the latest season of Fortnite. These skins drop at the first tier of the paid battle pass. As you collect more XP, complete challenges, and level up the battle pass, Calamity gets more elaborate outfits, including a black leather trench coat and spike-lined gloves.

As cool as the completely leveled up legendary skin looks, that’s not what people are talking about at the moment. Instead, they’ve noticed the way her breasts bounce up and down in her most basic unleveled outfit, the tier 1 outfit, when she does the Jubilation emote.

Streamer FaZe Agony shared a short video of it on Twitter, which got passed around on social media as other fans noticed the change. Calamity’s breasts don’t budge during the default boogie dance; this one emote appears to be the only outlier.

An Epic Games spokesperson for Epic Games called the new breast physics were a mistake. “This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship,” they said. “We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.”

When asked how something this seemingly elaborate gets unintentionally programmed into a massive update for the most popular game in the world, the spokesperson did not elaborate further.

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Hmm. Almost looks like a problem with mesh deformation weight maps or whatever newfangled wizardry is used these days... Like the leg movement is inadvertently affecting other parts of the mesh... 🤔

At any rate, I’d think if somebody did it on purpose, the animation’d look better. 😅