Epic Boss: Lower Scores for PC GoW are "bullshit"

A month later, E3 quotes, comments and tidbits are still coming out in dribs and drabs. Here's one: Outspoken Epic honcho Mike Capps, in a lengthy video interview elsewhere, is a bit pissed at the fact reviewers hated on Gears of War for the PC.

"Because what we did was take a great game, Gears of War 1 for Xbox 360, made it run at higher resolutions and added three new hours of really good gameplay and it got lower reviews. I think that's bullshit, and I don't understand it. I can't figure out what it is."


Voodoo Extreme, in the post and the comments, puts forth a fine explanation: 1) The game had bugs at the outset that needed patches. 2) Multiplayer matchmaking via Windows Live was terrible, should be better now that they've done away with the gold/silver distinction.

But bottom line, as one commenter points out ,it's probably the fact that it's not a simultaneous release with the 360 title, not even close. Because when reviewers go checking out a port, if the new-and-better isn't slap-you-in-the-face obvious, they're probably going to spot what doesn't work and harp on it.

It does make me wonder what kind of reviews we'll see for Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC.

Lower Review Scores for Gears PC is "Bullshit," Says Capps [Videogaming247, via Voodoo Extreme]

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