Entertainment Weekly Picked The 10 Best Games Of the Past 10 Years. Be Happy. Be Angry. Vote?

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Why wait for a year ending in nine or zero or one to pick the best games of the past decade? Entertainment Weekly is picking the best games of the decade this year, 2012. It's not that they wager the world is ending and that we're wrapping up the final decade ever. It's that Spike TV's Video Game Awards show is running its 10th annual show this year and they want people to decide what was the best game to come out in the VGA era.

EW has made the first move and picked 10 games.

The public—that's you!—can now vote on the best of the bunch. (The public can also wonder why there's no Grand Theft Auto, Angry Birds, Halo or Wario Ware: Twisted. Anyone with me on that last one?)


The choices:

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Half-Life 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Wii Sports
  • BioShock
  • Portal
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Batman: Arkham City

Go vote at EW.

Note: Kotaku is one of the outlets on the VGA advisory board, meaning we vote on nominees for awards given at the show (but not for this Game of the Decade thing). The VGAs will air on Spike on December 7 at 9pm ET/6pm CT. We'll be attending and covering both the awards and the numerous trailers/exclusives expected to be revealed that night.

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With the exception of Wii Sports (what were they smoking?), and WoW(not my cup of tea), that is a pretty good list. I would supplement Wii Sports with Journey and WoW with Catherine (I know I will get a lot of flack for that choice, but I loved that game to bits). Also, I wish the Ace Attorney series could get a shout out.