There is no better burger chain in Japan than Mos Burger. And there is no bigger burger at Mos than this.

On March 13, Mos is opening a "Mos Burger Tokyo Tower" restaurant. According to website Entabe, the limited time only establishment will offer the "Tokyo Tower Burger" and the "Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger." Both burgers have pastrami, two beef patties, onion rings, tomatoes, lettuce and fixings. These are the tallest burgers Mos has ever sold!

Mos isn't a misspelling of "moss," but rather, it stands for "Mountain Ocean Sea." The food at Mos Burger is fresh and made to order. As far as burger chains go, it's terrific.

The Tokyo Tower Burger is 800 yen (US$6.62), while the Tokyo Tower Cheese Burger is 860 yen ($7.11). Another 60 yen for two slices of cheese? That's not so terrific.

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