Enigmo is Good to the Last Drop on Windows Phone 7

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While Pangea Software's dripping liquid puzzle game may have been around in one form or another since 2003, Enigmo is brand-new to Windows Phone 7 users, and it's making a splash.

In Enigmo, various liquids (water, lava, oil) fall from droppers and bounce about each levels platforms. The player is tasked with utilizing various mechanisms (sponges, trampolines, accelerators) in order to get the various liquids into their respective reservoirs.

It all starts easy enough. You've got one dropper, one trampoline, and one simple solution. As you work through the Windows Phone 7 version's 50 levels you'll find yourself dealing with multiple droppers and more parts than you actually need to solve the puzzle. You've got to be fast to earn bonus points, and efficient to earn achievements, adding precious points to your Xbox Live gamerscore.


Chances are you've played Enigmo before. It was released in 2003 for the PC and MAC. iOS devices got it back in 2008. It's a PSP mini, and there was even a Windows Mobile version released back in 2004.

Chaotic Moon's Windows Phone 7 port of Enigmo is a fine representation of this wildly successful game. The touch-screen controls work well, the music is crisp and clear, and the achievement points flow like wine.

For $2.99 it'll make fine addition to your Xbox Live-enabled mobile game collection.

Enigmo [Windows Phone 7 Marketplace]

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pricing is a mickey take on WP7 marketplace here in UK, as with everything that is sold in US and UK.

$3 is US, does NOT translate to £2.50, its more like £2, if not less.

But no, they wanna take me for a ride. May as well do what US retailed items do when they come here to UK, make it £3, then i'll stop but things altogether.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why they do this, beyond - they can get away with it"?