Energizer Reveals Hot Controller On Controller Charging Stations

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Battery maker Energizer wants to be more than just your battery maker of choice. It wants a slice of that sweet video game accessories revenue, announcing four controller charging stations in advance of CES '09.


Why simply buy rechargeable AAs when you can enjoy the luxury of dedicated charging stations? Plugging your mini-USB cable into the top of your DualShock 3 is so late 2006! Energizer implores you to buy one of its "Power & Play" charging systems, for your Wii Remote, Xbox 360 controller and PlayStation 3 controller recharging needs.

It even touts a dedicated Wii Fit charging station, but doesn't provide photos. Perhaps the company just wants to get the keywords "Wii Fit" into its press release. Regardless, we'll be hunting down Energizer public relations reps while in Las Vegas to find out just why one would need such a thing.


Naughty pics of controllers being recharged after this.

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Tahsin Shamim

i think the ps3 controller charge station looks better than the other 2 charge stations.