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A clip, purportedly of the ending for "Heart of the Swarm," the under-development second chapter of StarCraft II, leaked out earlier today. The video's since been taken down. We're not sure if it's legitimate, but spoiler alert, just in case.


The clip merges in storyboards and has no lip-synching to the dialogue, indicating it's something in the early stages of production. But the voice acting is a close match to what we've heard already in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, and the fact this disappeared from both YouTube and Vimeo on copyright claims lends credence to it. That said, Heart of the Swarm has no release date set, and even if this is authentic, you just can't tell if what you see here is in fact how the story will play out in the final product.

We've emailed Blizzard for comment; any made will go here. Update: The reply is the standard. "Blizzard Entertainment does not comment on rumors or speculation."


Update: The Third Floor, whose watermark appears lower right, is a production company listing Blizzard as a client. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty cinematics appear in their publicity reel.

[thanks to SpacePope for the tip and the video]

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