Emulator Within An Emulator Runs Almost Perfect Pokemon

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We missed this earlier in the month, but the talented team behind the Dolphin emulator have done something very cool: they’ve got N64 games working on the GC/Wii emulator by running their virtual console versions.

While Pokemon Snap might not be the most exciting game to show off, it’s done with good reason: the photography game requires depth effects for its gameplay, and any kind of visual or engine glitches in the emulation would make playing it impossible.


Yet here it is, running like a dream. Meaning not only can Dolphin now run N64 games, it can do it better than most actual N64 emulators can! (Though to be fair, development on most N64 games is nowhere near as active or as recent as Dolphin’s work).

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Next, emulate Pokemon Stadium, and load up the Game Boy emulator inside of that to play Pokemon Red and Blue.

We have to go deeper!