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Suspiciously virally PR looking blog Wii Fit is It recounts the tale of one man who submitted the purchase price of Wii Fit as his yearly company exercise expense, and he got it approved. According to the very-excited-about-Wii Fit blogger:

I work in a desk job. It's very sedentary, and the most physically taxing activity is walking to the building next door for meetings. Because of this, the office has a health and fitness policy, which allows employees to claim an allowance of $150 per year for fitness-related equipment or services: sports clothes, gym memberships, that sort of thing.

Well, I submitted my form to apply for a reimbursement for Wii Fit. And it came through no problems.


Wii Fit's interesting and all, but let's hope this fella does other physical activities besides Wii Fit over the next 12 months.

My boss paid for Wii Fit [Wii Fit is It via Infendo] [Pic]

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