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Electronic Arts Set to Distribute Harmonix' Beatles Game [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled Electronic Arts Set to Distribute Harmonix Beatles Game [UPDATE]

Yesterday's surprise announcement that the deal inked between MTV and The Apple Corps. wouldn’t result in a Beatles Rock Band title, but rather an entirely new music franchise left a lot of us scratching our heads. I checked in with Electronic Arts to see if perhaps that was because someone other than Rock Band’s publisher was going to be putting the game out. Jeff Castaneda at MTV Games was quick to point out that Electronic Arts would be The Beatles distributor, but not the publisher. MTV Games will actually be publishing the game for Haromix. Maybe The Apple Corps. and the surviving members of The Beatles want to have their own space. Too bad because I was keeping my fingers crossed for Rock Band: The White Album. [UPDATE]: Whoops, turns out I meant to say distributor not publisher. MTV Games is actually the publisher.


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Marman the destroyer

I think it'd make a lot of sense for it to come out as "Rock Band: The Beatles" or something along that lines, purely for marketing purposes even if it is its unique game.