Electronic Arts Gets "Back to Basics" with Gamer's Day

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Last night Electronic Arts took over the trendy San Francisco Supperclub to show off a slew of new games coming from their different labels and partners including Phenomic's Magic the Gathering meets Warcraft title Battleforge, Dead Space and Left for Dead.

Mike Quigley, EA Games Label vice president of global marketing, kicked off the event by walking the gathered press through the the games label were and reminding folks that it now includes folks like Pandemic and BioWare and partners like Valve and Harmonix.

Quigley said that EA Labels was a reminder that "sometimes you have to get back to basics" and make things all about the games again.


After showing off a three-minute montage video, Quigley called Bioware GM Ray Muzyka to the stage to talk up the PC adaptation of Mass Effect, which Muzyka called BioWare's "best game to date."

While the event didn't include Dragon Age, Muzyka said that it was "looking really sweet."

NVidia's Roy Taylor hit the stage to remind press that PC gaming was still important and pointed out that five of the games being shown off that night were computer games.

The event wrapped up with Battleforge and Skate It demos. The night gave us a chance to get hands on with a number of games including Dead Space, Battlefield Heroes, Battleforge, Skate It, Mass Effect PC and Left 4 Dead. Check back in a few minutes for all of our hands-on impressions and news.

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Looking forward to Left 4 Dead. I need my zombie fix!