Elder Scrolls Online Arrives April 4 for PC, June for PS4, Xbox One

The Elder Scrolls Online will release on April 4 for the PC and Mac, Bethesda Softworks revealed this morning in a new trailer for the MMO set in the Elder Scrolls continuity. PS4 and Xbox One gamers will have to wait until June.


"War in Cyrodiil," is the title of the gameplay trailer, which is meant to showcase The Elder Scrolls Online's large-scale PvP system.

Bethesda did not give a specific date in June for the console editions' launch.


I thought the beta was really good. It felt a lot like Guild Wars 2 with good writing, and the character creation was baller.

Unfortunately (for me) I can't justify a subscription anymore. The incentive to maximize playtime/month is an "anxiety trigger" as my therapist would say.