YouTuber Garden of Eyes wasn’t the first to upload a video about these hidden areas, but their post goes into considerable detail about the coliseums in Leyndell, Northern Limgrave, and Caelid. All of these locales are fully built out and even feature colliders, which determine whether or not your character clips through certain objects. In the video, you can see the modder’s Tarnished break several jars by running into them. At the end of all the hallways, you can see a fully built colosseum with hundreds of seats. If the Lands Between weren’t a barren wasteland, it would have been a perfect place to show off your boss-killing skills.


There’s still fun to be had in the area, even if you can’t hack your way past the doors. The Northern Limgrave colosseum is arguably the first location that tipped players off about the significance of the doors. Outside, you can find an NPC who bemoans the unopening portal. Modder Garden of Eyes was able to find a Duelist’s Furled Finger, which enables PvP content, in front of the door. They were also invaded by the Recusant Henricus while searching, so be careful if you’re thinking about poking around the door. You can fight up to three Duelist Knights of the Great Jar near the Caelid colosseum, even if you’re not hacking.

The colosseums, which intriguingly also appear as areas on the map, are too complete to be cut content, which led to the rampant community speculation of eventual Elden Ring DLC. Others are wondering about the possibility of being able to fight special bosses in a future update. Whichever it is, or something else entirely, it’s clear that players are eager for more Elden Ring content.