Elden Ring Fans Are Obsessed With A Pot Goblin

From Software will probably make him a jerk of an enemy, but he is still Friend

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When I watched the new Elden Ring E3 trailer yesterday, my eyes immediately gravitated toward a single figure. He was mysterious and handsome, with features that seemed to be sculpted from clay. Or maybe porcelain? What I’m saying is, he was a pot. Apparently, I was not alone in this.


Though the pot goblin only appeared in the trailer for maybe one second, the nascent Elden Ring fandom is positively in love with a little buddy who, for the record, is just an ornate vase with arms and legs. He’ll probably turn out to be a terrifying enemy who kills you in one hit and eats your horse in a single bite, but until then, everyone thinks he’s the best.

“Hidetaka Miyazaki: We’ve create[d] vast, dark, and deep worlds with twisted story + epic fantasy,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Also Hidetaka Miyazaki: Pot GOBLIN.”

Elden Ring [is] cool and all, but what about the urn men? The little pot guys? Tell me everything there is to know,” said another fan.

“Imagine rolling into some pots and they just get up tired of you shit,” said another.

Meanwhile, on the Elden Ring subreddit, potmania has resulted in threads with titles like “This is now a pot boy themed subreddit” with over 4,000 upvotes.

If you’ve ever, in your entire life, encountered even one fandom, you already know where this is going: Yes, there is fan art. A lot of it.


Elden Ring comes out early next year, at which point we will finally get to know the goblin behind (by which I mean “in”) the pot. What will he be like? Where will he first appear in the game? Will he speak? At this point, it’s impossible to say. But he’ll probably kill you. That seems like a pretty safe bet.


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Everybody wants to hyper-fixate on the erdtree and talk about Norse myth, and don’t get me wrong, there probably will be plenty of symbolism and inspired-by designs and motifs from Norse stuff, but I’m getting major Celtic vibes from everything in the trailer.

These pots have Celtic knots carved into them, and with at least one other cauldron-themed enemy (big dude with a flaming cauldron on his head), I’m reading the Dagda here. Then there’s the strong riastrad/Cuchulainn thing, and the general Tir Na nOg vibe I get from the fantasy, and don’t forget one-handed/silver-handed Nuada...

I am so, so pumped, because while I appreciate Japanese myth in Sekiro, it’s not really my thing. Celtic stuff, on the other hand... Excite.