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Of The Eight Trailers Before Star Wars, The Slowest One Got The Best Reaction

Illustration for article titled Of The Eight Trailers Before iStar Wars,/i The Slowest One Got The Best Reaction

People in the movie theater where I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens on Thursday night started grumbling by the time the fifth or sixth trailer rolled out. Each green preview screen was another delay. But the eighth trailer won us over.


First we had this:

Then, if I’m remembering the order correctly, this:

Then this:

Then this:

Then this:

Then this (by which point people were beginning to grumble):

Then this (which may have been a good trailer and may have made the last one look like a joke but was still preceded by more groaning):

And, finally, this last one. The green preview screen that preceded it elicited the worst reaction of them all, but the trailer soon had the entire theater laughing. We loved it. How ironic that it was a trailer about being forced to wait for the thing you want:

Well-played, Zootopia people!

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That 5th wave movie looks god awful. Im glad I didnt get that trailer last night, Im guessing because I saw Force Awakens in 2D?