Eight Most Innovative Pinballs of All Time

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In general, I'm not a big fan of lists. They're often either feeble attempts at traffic grabs or lazy journalism, or both. But Popular Mechanics' break down of the eight most innovative pinball machines of all time has some meat in it. Found among this list of just eight machines is the advent of holographic play fields, the tilt mechanism, flippers, and player mods. The full list includes Brokers Tip, Humpty Dumpty, Wizard, Hot Tip, Checkpoint, The Twilight Zone, Revenge From Mars and my personal favorite, The Addams Family. Found among these games is not just a collection of new pinball technology, but a short history of the game that blends so well the mechanical with the virtual. Top 8 Most Innovative Pinball Machines of All Time [Popular Mechanics]



Back before there were such a thing as "videogames" I used to

play the pinball machines they had in Groveport when I was a child. There were three pizza places in that village (it was a village at the time, but it grew), and all of them had a pinball machine. One place had a machine that I used to play for so long, I had amassed 20 extra games on, then my mother called to get me home, so I had to leave 'em to the kids watching me play. Ah, the memories...