Eidos Reveal Exclusive 360 Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC

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by Lesley Smith Lara’s latest tomb-raiding adventure will be expanded with the release of two sets of DLC exclusive to the Xbox 360, Eidos today announced. Tomb Raider: Underworld sees the lovely Lady Croft visiting Mexico, Thailand and the Mediterranean as well as getting to gripes with Norse mythology on her search for Thor’s Hammer. The first – Beneath the Ashes - will hit Xbox Marketplace towards the end of December and continue Lara’s adventures after the main storyline of Underworld has finished. Featuring a new and exclusive area, players will be able to kill new enemies as well as uncover even more secrets. The second pack with the even more mysterious moniker of Lara’s Shadow will be released in early 2009 and expand gameplay even more by introducing a new playable character. Lara’s Shadow …. Lara’s Shadow …. Hmm who could the new character be?EIDOS AND XBOX ANNOUNCE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADABLE CHAPTERS FOR TOMB RAIDER: UNDERWORLD First New Chapter Rolls Out in Time for the Holidays with Game Demo Available in October Monday 6th October/... Eidos Interactive, creator of some of the world’s leading video game properties, today announces an agreement with Microsoft to release two brand new downloadable chapters in the continuing Tomb Raider adventures of Lara Croft. Containing up to six hours of new gameplay and content for Tomb Raider: Underworld™, the chapters will be available exclusively on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. A demo for Tomb Raider: Underworld will also be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in October. Offering entirely new content specifically designed to extend the Tomb Raider: Underworld experience, Tomb Raider: Underworld – Beneath the Ashes and Tomb Raider: Underworld – Lara’s Shadow will deliver two very different single player gameplay experiences. Tomb Raider: Underworld – Beneath the Ashes takes place after the Underworld story has finished and will feature an incredible new environment to explore, additional secrets to unlock and different enemies to fight. Tomb Raider: Underworld - Lara’s Shadow will introduce players to a new kind of playable character and create a unique Tomb Raider experience. The first new chapter, Tomb Raider: Underworld – Beneath the Ashes, will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this Christmas. Tomb Raider: Underworld – Lara’s Shadow will follow in early 2009. “We are constantly looking at ways to extend our franchises, whilst developing a deeper relationship with our players. The retail release of any videogame is just the start of the player experience, from there it all depends where you want to take the player in terms of ideas and innovation,” said Sean Vesce. “With these additional chapters and the online reach of Xbox LIVE, we are able to deliver exclusive content to millions of gamers worldwide.” “We’re thrilled that Xbox owners will be able to extend their Lara Croft adventures with exclusive ‘Tomb Raider: Underworld’ episodes,” said George Peckham, General Manager of Global Third Party Publishing for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. “We look forward to continue working closely with our great publishing partners to deliver the most robust gaming experiences, only on Xbox 360.” Tomb Raider: Underworld will release on Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Wii™, PlayStation®2, Nintendo DS, and PC Games for Windows platforms. With development led by Crystal Dynamics, developers of the recent Tomb Raider blockbusters, Tomb Raider: Underworld™ represents a new advancement in exploration-based gameplay. As the fearless adventurer Lara Croft, players explore, raid and solve the mysteries of exotic locations around the world, each designed in breathtaking high-definition visual fidelity that creates a truly believable world and delivers a new level of challenge and choice. For more information, visit the official site at http://www.tombraider.com. Xbox LIVE is the first and most comprehensive unified online entertainment network seamlessly integrated throughout the entire console experience, making it easy for people to find the friends, games and entertainment they want from the moment they power on their Xbox 360 system. Xbox LIVE connects more than 12 million members across 26 countries to enjoy hundreds of multiplayer games, downloadable games via Xbox LIVE Arcade, free and premium playable game demos, music videos, and movies as well as new game levels, characters and vehicles for all their favorite retail games.



Well, I was on the fence about this one, and now I know it's probably just gonna be better to wait for Uncharted 2.

I hate it when games have features clearly cut out in order to be packaged and sold as DLC later, and given the timing of these DLC releases, at least some of them were likely already planned to ship on the retail disc. It's even worse when the DLC is exclusive, because then it just feels like a spiteful, dick move.

A dick move that's going to discourage sales. Smart move, Eidos.