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Eidos has confirmed the three major titles they'll be bringing to E3 2009, featuring three different types of agents of dark justice - small, medium, and Batman.


The recently acquired Square Enix subsidiary remains mum on the Tomb Raider and Hitman fronts leading up to the show next week, instead singling out three previously-announced action titles as their big games of E3. Of course, big is all relative, especially in the case of the Mini Ninjas. The deadly but well-meaning assassins will be joining the delayed Batman: Arkham Asylum at the Eidos booth, while the return of Rico Rodriguez in Just Cause 2 will be showcased behind closed doors, away from prying eyes.

So what about Thorf (Thi4f) and Deus Ex 3? Barring surprises, both Eidos Montreal projects are more than likely nowhere near a showable state yet.

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