EGM Subscribers Getting Maxim As Replacement

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Those of us with outstanding subscriptions to Electronic Gaming Monthly may finally be on the receiving end of a suitable replacement, should you be a horny hetero male who doesn't like actual nudity in your magazines and enjoys skimming Maxim.


While EGM folded as a print publication earlier this year, interest in the magazine and 12 to 24-month long subscriptions didn't. Rather than issue a refund, subscribers appear to be getting a replacement in Maxim. The 14-year-old men's mag does cover video games in addition to breasts, so readers won't be at a total loss. But given Maxim's preference of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand to Killzone 2, we're not sure how well-served in reviews they'll be.

I have yet to receive my replacement copy of Maxim, but reader Jordan has. His first replacement issue comes with a note that subscribers can instead opt for a pro-rated refund for the balance of their EGM subscription.

It's doubtful that balance can be transferred to the attempt at reviving Electronic Gaming Monthly by magazine founder Steve Harris. But, hey, boobs.


I can't wait until a six year old explains this to his mom. :P