To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Our Live Podcast Today

Loved the call-in talk show. Nice work.

Mrs. Bashcraft went to get Micro-Bash's allergy test results this morning. Earlier, Micro-Bash tested positive for egg and wheat allergies.

Since then, we haven't fed the kid any eggs or wheat-based foods. He seemed to do much better. Micro-Bash had another allergy test recently and his egg allergy, it seems, has totally cleared up. The allergist said food allergies can be outgrown quickly (though this seems really quick) and that it helped that we didn't give him any egg or wheat at all.

So we can feed him eggs a little bit at a time, but need to watch him, see how he reacts. Also, we can give him a little tiny bit of udon. Hopefully his allergies will all clear up.

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