Eerily Accurate BioShock Infinite Cosplayer Gets Job Appearing on Actual BioShock Infinite Stuff

Turns out we weren't the only ones impressed by the "lifelike" imitation Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva could do of BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth. The game's creators, Irrational, were too.


So impressed, in fact, they offered her a job, which means she'll be appearing on stuff like BioShock Infinite's marketing art, TV ads (so there's a live-action trailer coming, I guess) and even the back of the game's box.

Anna will also be turning up to shows and events in costume.

It's a big deal for a cosplayer, and a smart move on the part of Irrational, but it's not the first time this has happened. Cosplayer Crystal Graziano did something similar with PC shooter Firefall last year, earning a 12-month sponsored contract that's only just wound down.


We love our BioShock cosplayers so much we hired one! [Irrational]

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