Master six different classes in six new missions with The Challenges of the Edy Detachment, the fourth batch of downloadable content for Sega's Valkyria Chronicles, coming to the PlayStation Network next week.

When The Challenges of the Edy Detachment was announced back in September of last year, there was a little confusion over the release date. Sega first announced winter 2010 for the release, before correcting that to winter 2009. Either one works, really, as we're in winter, which technically started in 2009, but it's now 2010. They knew what they were talking about. That's what is important.

The new DLC features six missions, each focusing on the skills of one particular class - scout, shocktrooper, lancer, engineer, sniper, and tank - issued by the members of Edy's Detachment, hence the name.

Looks like it's time to dust off those copies of Valkyria Chronicles, or in my case, run to the store and rebuy it. Yes, I am an idiot sometimes.

Squad 7, move out! Valkyria Chronicles DLC #4 is releasing next week! [Sega Blog]