Echoes of Columbine: The Podcast

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This past weekend I spoke on a panel at the Denver Film Festival to about Playing Columbine. The documentary is by and about Danny Ledonne and his game Super Columbine Massacre RPG!. Ledonne, myself and movie critic Bob Denerstein were the panelists. While we talked a bit about Ledonne's game and the reasons behind his making it, we also were able to use the example to jump into a broader discussion of games as art and whether games can deal with serious issues. The folks at the film festival actually recorded the hour long talk and have it available for download on the site. If you're interested in such things as games as art, free speech and gaming and the question of serious games you probably should have a listen. Also I did get a chance to ask Ledonne a couple of lingering questions about his game. In particular why he hasn't "fixed" the issues with it and how he is any different from that jack-ass who made the VA Tech game and then asked people to pay him to take it down. (I do think there is a difference between the two of them, but I wanted to hear Ledonne address the question.) Right click and save as to download the panel here. Panel: Deadly Games: Echoes of Columbine [Denver Film Festival]


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Ledonne makes a documentary about a game that HE made. how fucking arrogant is this guy?

i played the game. im for free speech. but i draw the line at shitheadedness.

i hope this maims his career as a film maker (looked it up). he doesnt even make games. he makes films. he made a game so he could make a film about how controversial it is. anyone whos pretentious enough to make a movie about himself deserves to be taken down a peg. the same goes for people writing autobiographies. jack asses.