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Echo Prime Is A Good Game, It Just Doesn't Need To Be On PC

What's Echo Prime? It's a mobile game by Robot Entertainment that just got released on Steam. It's pretty fun, but playing on PC leaves you wondering why you aren't playing on a phone. Take a look at the video and see what I mean.

The game is pretty simple. Run across a screen, tap on enemies to shoot them, or run up and slash them with your space sword. The mobile design comes in with 30-second-long levels and when you realize how many opportunities for in-app purchases there are. The levels I played also aren't very difficult, on top of being really short. All of these things seem great for an iPhone game, but just feel off when I'm sitting at a PC.

When I played, there was a bug causing the game to lock up at the end of a level, which you'll see at the end of the video. It seems I wasn't the only one with this issue, but apparently it's fixed now.

You can get Echo Prime on Steam, or get the iPhone version and play it the way it was meant to be played.

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