What's in it for you if you join the Entertainment Consumer Association? Well, now the $20 membership gives you 10 percent off games on Amazon.

UPDATE: From a forum admin at the ECA, it seems the discount codes they're handing out now are one-time use only. The ECA describes this as a glitch - "the module we are using that only distributes one time use codes, such as for our GameFly promotion." They intend to fix it shortly. You can read the full statement here.

Curious that we're hearing of this as an oh-by-the-way that ECA prez Hal Halpin dropped in a GDC interview. I'd think they'd want to blast a news release far and wide on it. But it's out there now, and if you buy 2 games a year on Amazon, the membership's basically paid for itself.

The ECA is the closest thing there is to a gamer's lobby. So if you appreciate their advocacy, you can back it, and get something back from it, too.

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