Eating The Story Of Prototype

Poor Alex Mercer. The Prototype antagonist wakes up in a morgue and has to eat people to regain his memories. Yum.

There's a bit more to it than that, but the idea of consuming other people as a storytelling technique is certainly a novel way of putting a fresh spin on the overly-used amnesia mechanic. It certainly beats the hell out of having to assemble a team of colorful adventurers and then slowly learn about your past through a series of cutscenes interspersed with turn-based battles.


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Davy M Jones

I was thinking about the title, Prototype. Everyone probably instantly leaps to the "He's a secret biological weapon" plot theory.

I'm thinkin' the "infection" is the prototype, they released it on his domestic area to test it out, and he happened to have the "just right" combination of genes to not to batshit crazy (outside of the player's influence, that is), and because of his new found abilities, he's targeted by the military.

It's only reasonable that when someone is doing something so UNreasonable as eating people in the streets and completely obliterating your "quarantine" task forces, the military may take notice... maybe.

Certainly took them damn near forever to make a clean slate out of Raccoon City, but it got done. Maybe that's what we're lookin' at.