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Eat That PETA - Majesco Launches Cake Mania

Illustration for article titled Eat That PETA - Majesco Launches Cake Mania

Oh please, PLEASE let there be a meat loaf level... The animal-hating carnivores (kidding!) responsible for Cooking Mama have broken with tradition and released a game that involves the death of ZERO animals. As well as (hopefully) pacifying PETA, Cake Mania: In the Mix! also manages to hit the ever growing zone on the Venn diagram of life where Games meet Cakes. In what sounds like a sort of cake-based Tapper! meets Pizza Tycoon, players must make cakes.. then sell them. Wonderfully, 'unique cakes' can be produced and shared via WiiConnect. Potential GOTY, you heard it hear first. Majesco ships Cake Mania: In The Mix for Wii [GamePro]


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PETA won't be satisfied. If they got what they wanted, "Cooking Mama: Vegetable Happy Fun Times," they would brag about the accomplishment for 5 minutes before demanding an entire vegetarian genre be built on Magesco's shoulders. By coincidentally releasing a cake-based game, they will come back shouting, "but this isn't what we asked for, we have not been appeased, there is still not vegetarian alternative to your evil meat game!" I want this on record: PETA will never stop complaining no matter what we do, so it's best to plug our ears and continue enjoying our lives while they continue to be dissatisfied with their own.