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Easter Egg Hunters Discover A Hidden Weapon In Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1’s easter eggs include a giant shark hidden in a puddle and a dripping pipe that gave the announcement date for Battlefield V. An easter egg from last year—which initially granted a dog tag—escalated to include weapons skins and secret codes. Recently, easter egg hunters completed the last step, finding a hidden weapon.


The hidden quest started in February last year, when players decoded hidden morse codes to find a special dog tag. Easter egg hunters, including those in the hardcore Battlefield Easter Egg Discord, speculated it was the first step of a larger secret. Battlefield 4 had an extensive series of puzzles called the “Phantom Program” that eventually led players to a special bow and arrow weapon. Battlefield 1’s version of the program also led players to a new weapon: the Peacekeeper revolver.

Finding the revolver is a complicated process. It requires players to have completed one of the previous dog tag-granting easter eggs as well as a secret that rewarded a special weapon skin for the Support class. If players have done this, they can go to the River Somme map and find a hidden radio console under some debris. There, they must spell out a series of numbers (0627) in morse code. Easter egg hunters used clues on the previously-unlocked weapon skin to find the right sequence. After that, players can find a switch hidden in a building that they must press before punching in a new sequence of numbers at the console.

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If done correctly, players recieve a dog tag with a riddle that leads them to the Caporetto map and a group of angel statues. Following the riddle and shooting out certain body parts on each statue eventually grants another dog tag. All of these steps were solved by dedicated easter egg hunters in a community effort, but even after tackling these puzzles there was still one more.

Players equipping the new dog tags and the hidden weapon skin can uncover a hidden underground maze on the Passchendaele map. Easter egg hunters used clues previously discovered in a long locked room to determine where players needed to go in the maze. Heading down the wrong path leads to a quick death at the hands of poison gas. But if you follow the sequence outlined in the video above, it brings you to the Peacemaker revolver.

The Peacemaker is a punchy sidearm with animations that would make Metal Gear Solid’s Revolver Ocelot blush. Like the Phantom Program bow, it’s a weapon that you show off more for the bragging rights. Easter egg hunters found the secret at the perfect time, as the community prepares for Battlefield V’s October release. With Battlefield’s history of cool secrets, we’ll just have to wait and see what secrets they find in the next game.

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Amazing! It appears to be some sort of... gun!