EA's Wii Business Nearly Doubled Last Year

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EA embraced the Wii last year and the Wii embraced it right back, with the percentage of revenue due to the Nintendo console nearly doubling over the previous year.


According to the company's recently released financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2009, 14% of EA's revenue was generated by Nintendo Wii titles during the year, as opposed to 8% the year previous. The rise came during a year when EA released 21 titles for the console, not counting co-publishing agreements and distribution. Notable games released during the period include MySims, MySims Kingdom, and several titles in the EA Sports All-Play line, which generally weren't very well received by sports fans.

The Wii still remains the smallest console portion of EA's revenue, however, with the Xbox 360 generating 24% and the PlayStation 3 generating 16% of GAAP revenue on average. Still, the little white box is catching up, and with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis being the only two Wii MotionPlus titles launching with the peripheral in June, we can probably expect those numbers to grow.



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