EA's Salt Lake City Studio Expands For "Groundbreaking" New Project

EA's Salt Lake City, Utah studio, home to The Sims, Littlest Pet Shop, and Nerf development teams, is moving to a larger location and hiring developers for a "groundbreaking" unannounced new project.

EA's announcement reads less like a studio expansion announcement and more like travel brochure for Salt Lake City, discussing the numerous ski resorts, thriving nightlife, Broadway shows, and the Utah Jazz basketball team. In short, they aren't discussing the game they'll be creating so much as trolling for the talent needed to create it.


"We're truly thrilled to expand into Salt Lake City and what is becoming a growing and dynamic video game development scene," said Ben Bell, Executive Producer at EA. "We're looking to fill several critical leadership positions on an exciting new project."

While I've never been, my parents assure me that Salt Lake City is a lovely place to visit, so if you've got the skills and a hankering for a view of the Rocky Mountains, head over to the EA Jobs website to see if anything strikes your fancy.

As for this "groundbreaking" new project, EA is keeping mum about it. Hit up the link below to see Executive Producer Ben Bell dodge questions about it while talking up Salt Lake City some more.

EA Announces 'Groundbreaking' New Project as it Expands Salt Lake Studio [Industry Gamers]

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