EA's Gay And Lesbian Employees Say "It Gets Better"

Barack Obama did it. Google did it. Pixar did it. Now, game publisher Electronic Arts is doing its part for the It Gets Better Project, the anti-bullying campaign designed to offer hope for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens.


The project, started by columnist and author Dan Savage, is in part a response to the recent suicides of Justin Aaberg and Billy Lucas, two gay teenagers who took their own lives after relentless bullying and harassment. Savage and his partner Terry delivered the first It Gets Better message this September. Scores of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adults soon followed, as did politicians, organizations and corporations, delivering a message of hope to kids suffering at the hands of their bullies.

EA appears be the first video game publisher to back the initiative with a powerful video from its employees, talking about their struggles of coming out, dealing with harassment, and promising "Yes, it gets better." We hope that EA isn't the last to do so.


If you need help, call The Trevor Lifeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866.488.7386) or visit www.thetrevorproject.org.

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"It gets better" is a horrible horrible idea that only further sets back equality in this country.

You want to know why gays are made fun? Why they are bullied? Why some people dont like them? Well folks Ill tell you why........because gay people wont shut up about themselves. Yeah, I said it. Gay people are treated the way they are and its 100% their own fault.

Now, just bare with me here. Do I hate gays? Nope, not at all. I had a really good friend once who was gay but guess what? I didnt call him gay, I didnt think about him being gay, I never told anyone he was gay. He was just my friend greg.

So with that mind I constantly hear how we have to be tolerant of gay people, how gay people deserve equal rights, gay this and gay that. Well you know what? When I get all that shit shoved down my throat constantly I start to get annoyed by gay people. I get annoyed by gay people who have to make sure every single person in a 50ft radius knows their gay. They have to announce their gayness either literally or non verbally and that pisses me off and makes me not like them. Not because they are gay, but because they want to be treated special for it. People who march in gay pride parades are fucking morons because they think their sexual choice entitles them to a parade celebrating it like they are a unique special snowflak that deserves their own parade. Well you cant be equal and be treated special at the same time and doing so just makes more people dislike you for it. Its like how black people want equal treatment but they want college funds for their skin color, to act like niggers and say nigger but white people arent allowed to and so on.

So listen up gays, you want to be truly equal? Then act like a human fucking being and a person instead of running around talking about your trials tribulations of being gay or just acting it out like a fucking queen.

Your gay, your not special or unique for it. Your the same bag of meat with eyes as everyother person on this planet including straight people. You want to be gay? Then fine be so, but dont have fucking marches, go on tv, or have your little "it gets better bullshit". If you would act like a person instead of a thing then people would be a lot more willing to accept you.

Racism and prejudice against gays would go away if people would stop fucking talking about it all the damn time. Instead of all these morons that say something like "Yeah I have a friend named bob......he is gay" and just say "I have a friend named bob" and if gays wouldnt run around acting like a textbook stereotype and instead just acted like a person then this wouldnt be an issue.

Dont be proud to be gay, thats as fucking stupid as being proud of being straight because your proud of something and shove it everyones face they will resent you for it because they dont want it shoved in their face.