EA's Founder Needs To Pay His Taxes

Trip Hawkins, who not only founded EA but was the driving force behind the 3DO, is often described as a "colourful" figure in video game history. Part of that is because he's been so important, but it's also because he's in a world of trouble.

Over the decades, Hawkins amassed enormous profits from his stake in Electronic Arts, the publisher he helped establish in 1982. He especially cleaned up when he began selling his EA shares in the early 90s to fund his 3DO venture. The thing is, he didn't pay all the taxes those profits accumulated, and the man currently owes the state of California over $20 million in unpaid taxes.


Hawkins and his wife tried to dodge this by filing for bankruptcy in 2006, but a judge ruled this week that, essentially, that doesn't count, and that he still owes an estimated $20-25 million in taxes

Video Gaming Pioneer Trip Hawkins Is Still On The Hook For Big Taxes [Forbes]

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