Earthbound Fans Are Crazy, Yo

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Somehow a fresh, unopened copy of Earthbound turned up on eBay the other day. Bidding was fierce. And at the auction's closing bell, the winner had parted with, oh, over $1000.


To be exact, the final amount was $1,025.01. For an unopened, store-bought copy of the 1995 classic, is that a steal? We'd say no, but then, as the headline says, Earthbound/Mother fans are crazy.

Crazy in a good way.

Unopened copy of Earthbound sells for over $1,000 on eBay [Go Nintendo]

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I sold mine last year when the rumors that it was coming to the VC were very, very strong, and it had been re-rated by the ESRB. However, it looks like that'll never actually come to be at this point. That said, I got $300 for mine, and I still have another copy (though just the cart, not the box and guide). It was hard to part with such a great part of my collection, but times are tough and the money was needed, and so it had to be done. I did play through my cart-only copy though, all the way, just a few weeks back.