Earphone Recommendations, plze

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: PAX Here We Come... Next Month Yes, as you know I do in fact have an iPod. Good for me. Thing is, the earphones fell apart — like all the rubber stuff around the actual plastic buds. The same thing just happened with the earphones I had for my newish Shuffle. Any idea on good (and durable) replacements? What you missed last night Art Apocalypse: Blizzard's Wilson Talks Diablo III Design Decisions Kirby's Back And Not As Pissed In Kirby Super Star Ultra's Box Art Blizzard's Next Game Could Be More Successful Than WoW What Jet Grind Radio For Wii Might Have Looked Like Tomonobu Itagaki Mehs Okami, Respects Kutaragi Devil May Cry 4 "Getting Pirated To Hell And Back" It Finally Happened. Too Human Went Gold. Meet Chris Redfield's Australian Sidekick


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Best headphones I've ever owned. Retail for $30, on Amazon for $12, great sound quality, and the most durable pair of earbuds I've ever had. Phillips does good work.