Earn Gold Unlock Fable 2 Items with Web Games

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Fable 2's pub games was the first cross-over Xbox Live title that let you earn something for a retail game by playing. Sure it was glitched, but they're fixing it, and it's a very neat idea. Speaking with Lionhead Studio's Sam Van Tilburgh earlier today I discovered that Pub Games won't be the only way you can earn cash for Fable 2. When the game's official website relaunches it will include a web game or two that allows you to earn Fable 2 gold and unlock goodies like dye pots and a chicken suit for the game. All told, gamers will be able to unlock six to seven special items through the website, Van Tilburgh said. You can also earn coin through the games. What about mobile games? Or iPhone games that will earn you Fable 2 cash. Van Tilburgh was cagey about the possibility, but said he'd mention he idea to Peter Molyneux.


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Hopefully there will be another glitch so I can get closer to the 100 million gold I will need to own every piece of property in the game.