Early Access game Dota Underlords now has an Early Access battle pass. Called the Proto Pass, Valve says it’s a test to determine what exactly the game’s real season one battle pass will look like, but for now it’s free to all players and lets you earn custom portraits, banners, and boards.


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Legit curiosity here:

Does anyone actually like this “paid seasonal content” model that (to my knowledge) was popularized by MOBAs and Battle-Royale? I think it also exists in Rocket League and some other places, I guess...

It just ... doesn’t sit right with me. I suppose it’s alright in a sense, pay upfront for a time you plan on playing a lot, and it helps the devs make new content for your favorite game. But the fact that you not only pay for this thing, and then you have to GRIND to unlock all the stuff you just paid real money for... Idk, man. It just irks me to no end.

Maybe it would have worked better for me like 8 years ago during like, late high school and early college when I had that kind of “play for 8 hours straight” free time. Maybe that’s the target demographic.

Idk. I don’t really even play/like Multiplayer games much anymore, save for the occasional bout of Smash, or Monster Hunter with a specific group of friends.

Meh. Maybe I’m just jaded. /endrant

Carry on, Season Pass People. As you were.