So, the PS3 is now ready for 3D gaming. But are PS3 games ready? It appears, hrm, maybe, with the first batch of 3D-capable titles needing to have their graphics scaled back a touch.

First example: WipeEout HD, which normally runs in glorious 1080p (ie "full" high definition), but which has had to be pegged back to 720p in order to get it running in the third dimension.

Second example: MotorStorm, whose top resolution was 720p, and which has now had to be scaled back to a sub-HD resolution (and which will now have to employ the PS3's excellent upscaling abilities).


Might sound nitpicky to anyone but videophiles, but then, the only people who will be playing 3D games in 2010 will be exactly those types.

Don't freak out that 3D will somehow compromise the quality of all your games, though; it's important to note these titles are not only being "retrofitted" to display in 3D, they're also the first games to get the treatment. As developers get experience at adapting older titles, and new games are built with the technology in mind, things will surely improve!


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