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EA Working On Not Just Dead Space 2, But Dead Space 3 As Well

Illustration for article titled EA Working On Not Just Dead Space 2, But Dead Space 3 As Well

The Variety report from earlier today that said there's a live-action Dead Space movie in the works also has some video game news. Namely, that EA are working on two more Dead Space games.


The report states "EA launched [Dead Space] in 2008 and is working on the second and third installments". Sounds clear-cut, but this being Variety (specifically, not Variety's games blog), you can't take that for granted. It may be a movie writer getting their wires crossed, and one of those two games is Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii.


But hey, even if that was the case, that means there's at least one more Dead Space game on the way. And if the Variety writer is right, well, there's two more Dead Space games on the way.

D.J. Caruso to direct 'Dead Space' [Variety]

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Komrade Kayce

Unless Issac somehow survived that ending, I wouldn't mind not having it about him.

But to not have him as the star would be a tragedy. He's one of the best silent protagonists of recent years. It truly broke my heart when he suddenly realized what he had been in denial about (regarding his wife/girlfriend/whatever she was) the entire game.