John Riccitiello says that Electronic Arts still struggling to compete with Nintendo's first-party Wii line-up of games. He claims that Nintendo is responsible for two-thirds of Wii software sales.

"For those of us making console games, that's a challenge that we certainly have to contend with," the EA CEO said during today's investor call.


Riccitiello said that a handful of EA's Wii releases, like Boom Blox and the My Sims series, are performing well, "but there's no question that having the lead platform be a platform with two thirds of the unit sales occurring to the first-party owner is a really unusual thing. We haven't seen that since prior to the [original] PlayStation."

Riccitiello said that EA's "home territory" is still the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, admitting "We've got work to do on the Wii."