We still don't know the fate of Double Fine Productions' Brütal Legend. After being abandoned by publisher Sierra when Activision Blizzard joined forces, it has languished, in limbo, while a new deal can be finalized. Rumors that MTV Games would published were squashed, but a persistent rumor that EA would pick up the game hasn't magically transformed into fact. What does EA CEO John Riccitiello have to say about the orphaned heavy metal adventure? Well, he's quite hip to its existence, saying he's seen it, but calls it a "very significant creative risk." That doesn't necessarily spell doom for Brütal Legend, as Riccitiello also says "Sometimes significant creative risks end up being some of the world’s best products." Gah! Stop playing with our hearts! You've got the money, John. Do it! Interview: EA's Riccitiello On Having Faith In Mirror's Edge, Grasshopper Manufacture [Gamasutra]