The folks who publish the Battlefield and Mass Effect franchises aren't above some really questionable marketing campaigns. Remember the fake protests for Dante's Inferno or the Dead Space 2 ads that talked about your moms? Now, their latest could-be-controversial gambit is a plea to raise the speed limit because that's what Americans want.


EA took out an advertisement in The New York Times today, arguing that raising the speed limit in America to Need For Speed-levels would stimulate job creation and stop people from texting. The basis of their pitch is a recently passed law that changed the speed limit in Texas to 85. It's clearly a spoofy attention-grab, but one that's a little tone-deaf to the dangers of driving so fast in the real world. Other meteorological concerns are on people's minds today, so we'll see if enough people notice to get up in arms over this. Or not. Your mileage may vary.

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