EA Tried To Make An Iraq War Game?

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So, EA made a game about the war in Afghanistan. Did you know they also tried to make one about the war in Iraq?

Danny Bilson, who used to be an executive at EA before leaving to join rivals THQ, says "When I worked at my former company [EA], I had to go to the UK in the middle of the Iraq war and try to talk to them about a game that we never wound up finishing - it was well built up - that was that stuff, right? Remember, even in America you get a 50/50 split on this stuff."


Two disappointing tales of modern warfare in one night from EA? What are the odds. Though in this case, being a few years back when the Iraq war was at its lowest ebb, maybe binning it was the right idea, at least from a business perspective; politics be damned, who's going to be buying a game based on a war nobody wants to talk about? One that's never exactly been "popular", even compared to the conflict in Afghanistan?

Nobody. Just ask poor Korea!

THQ's Danny Bilson pt. 2 [CVG]

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Why don't they just publish Six Days in Fallujah?